Full Court Hoops Teams

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Full Court Hoops Teams

Athletes interested in playing for our 4/5th-12th grade teams please contact us with any questions.

Teams will play in local and regional tournaments in the Spring.

Call – 716.912.0795 or Email  [email protected]

* FCH players are permitted to play for other AAU organizations.

10th/11th Grade
Head Coach: Collin Reid
Assistant Coach:  Kelly Owens

9th/10th Grade
Head Coach: Rodney Johnson

9th Grade
Head Coach: Sal Caterina
Assistant Coach: Jerel Williams

8th Grade White
Head Coach: Karen Catalano
Assistant Coaches:  Sam Wozniak

8th Grade Maroon
Head Coach: Mike Wilson

7th Grade
Head Coach:  Mike Meetze

6th/7th Grade
Head Coach: Fred Frank
Assistant Coaches:  Joe Catalano, Sr. and Joe Catalano, Jr.

4th/5th Grade
Head Coaches:  Mike Wilson and Mike Meetze

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